24 Hours at the Sweatshop

A time lapse recording of the performance ’24 Hours at the Sweatshop’ a sole worker (Jay Hutchinson) labours to produce Free T-Shirts for 24 hours in an empty inner city shop space in Lower Hutt. The action began at 12:00pm 6 March and was completed at 12:00pm 7 March 2015. This performance was part ofContinue reading “24 Hours at the Sweatshop”

Fuck Now Suffer Later Review printed in the ODT By Franky Strachan 12/04/12

The polished floorboards of A Gallery are competing with the working matter of Dunedin-raised artist Philip James Frost. Rather than exhibiting paintings, Frost is displaying the guts of his studio, causing that age-old question regarding what makes art “art” to be vanquished by the cohesion of process and product. Books, drawings, magazines, paintings, a paletteContinue reading “Fuck Now Suffer Later Review printed in the ODT By Franky Strachan 12/04/12”


a gallery presents NO EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP featuring latest season jewelry from UNDERGROUND SUNDAE (Annemieke Ytsma), Jess Kitto and Sharon Singer. Clothing and accessories by, T R FRANC (Tara Young and Molly Francesca Barrington), TRASH SKATES (Sam Robertson) and Vandal Apparel (Jay Hutchinson) Record Sleeves by Mr Sam Ovens and more to come…ExploitContinue reading “NO EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP”