KLUSTERFUCK Review in the ODT By Franky Strachan 18/8/11

Kluster****. Sam Ovens, Nathan Forbes and Ant Scarer.  Hope, comfort, and censorship; just three ideas that Ovens, Forbes and Scarer willingly stomp upon. This is commendable, however, since these astute Dunedin artists demonstrate insight and wit rather than prosaic discontent disguised as rebellion. Ovens uses the pop aesthetic to express socio-political commentaries. The audacious, commercialContinue reading “KLUSTERFUCK Review in the ODT By Franky Strachan 18/8/11”


“To be a good painter, you have to be a bit stupid” -Salvador Dali   The act of painting; It’s like creating a flame by rubbing two sticks together. The discipline isn’t always efficient. It’s messy, materially and conceptually, but the process is spiritual and the resolution, magic.  Passionate and romantic, the small colourful worksContinue reading “GLORY DAYS Dyana Gray”

Drawing on the Universe by Gavin Bertram Printed in D Scene 15/6/11

ONLY a handful of the works in Rachel Taylor’s new show at A Gallery were created specifically for it. The rest are drawings the Dunedin artist has been working on over the last couple of years – a departure from her usual work in ceramics, assemblage, and oil painting. “I’d been a little bit transient,”Continue reading “Drawing on the Universe by Gavin Bertram Printed in D Scene 15/6/11”

Review on Rachel Taylor by Ralph Body Printed in the ODT 23/6/11

Rachel Taylor’s Castle has no doubt caught the attention of many people walking along Princes St. Located in a gallery’s front window, this candy-coloured mixed media construction recalls the extravagant whimsy of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Closer inspection reveals that this mixture of castle and cathedral has been created from coloured cotton buds and drinkingContinue reading “Review on Rachel Taylor by Ralph Body Printed in the ODT 23/6/11”