RISE OF THE MOUSE (exhibition)

Is a collaborative project between Dunedin Artist DZNE and Auckland Designer/Skater Alistair Wasywich. Brought together with a shared passion for 1980s skateboard graphics and design. Alistair built and shaped five decks based on classic shapes and shipped them down to Dunedin to be painted by DZNE. Inspired by Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz skateboard designs DZNE created his own versions of the skateboards he had collected as a kid ‘Mike McGill’, ‘Tony Hawk’, ‘Natas Kaupas’ and the iconic ‘Powell Peralta Ripper’

RISE OF THE MOUSE (Publication)

15 years of putting up stickers, paste-ups and stencils collated into a limited edition publication. Hand cut cover, spray painted pages, risographs and photographs of the art of the Mouse. Limited edition of 50 stamped and numbered. Each copy is hand printed and bound by point printing. A joint publication by agallerypresents.com and GU

Published by agallerypresents.com

independent as fuck artist run conceptual project

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