a gallery presents DRAW PAINT DESTROY. Based around a conceptual framework of three artists installing their work over a three week period, with the first installment functioning as a solo exhibition with another artist being added each week as the exhibition evolves into a group show. Each of the artist’s involved will respond to their individual exhibition title (for example the first artist Danny Brisbane will respond to the his title DRAW, with the second artist Sam Ovens responding to his title PAINT…) The artists will also respond to the current exhibition GIRLZ a group show featuring Bekah Carran, Anya Sinclair, mi$$match and Willow McIsaac. DRAW PAINT DESTROY will feature Danny Brisbane, Sam Ovens and Harley Jones.

 You are invited to all three installments          


DRAW Danny Brisbane    16/8/12

PAINT Sam Ovens 23/8/12

 DESTROY Harley Jones   30/8/12


 All installments open at 5:30pm on their prospective dates at a gallery 393 Princes Street Dunedin New Zealand http://www.agallerypresents.wordpress.com

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independent as fuck artist run conceptual project

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