a gallery presents DRAW PAINT DESTROY. Based around a conceptual framework of three artists installing their work over a three week period, with the first installment functioning as a solo exhibition with another artist being added each week as the exhibition evolves into a group show. Each of the artist’s involved will respond to theirContinue reading “DRAW PAINT DESTROY”

GIRLZ review by Frank Strachan printed in the ODT 2/8/12

This all-female group show stems from the artists’ desire to emphasise the presence of female makers within the Dunedin art scene. In a gallery whose exhibitions have inadvertently, but predominantly, entertained male artists, this group collectively respond to (or collectively respond through) their femininity. From Sinclair’s reliably picturesque landscape painting to mi$$match’s pink explosion ofContinue reading “GIRLZ review by Frank Strachan printed in the ODT 2/8/12”