COSMIC DRAMA by Gavin Bertram printed in D scene 20/04/11

Dunedin artist Sharon Singer says there is research involved in her work-even though it may happen in a haphazard manner. “Nothing happens in a vacuum, but it’s more by osmosis “, she says of her reading and internet delving. “I’m totally addicted to National Geographic and I think they inform a lot of the work.”Continue reading “COSMIC DRAMA by Gavin Bertram printed in D scene 20/04/11”

SOIL Review by Naomi Boult

Sharon Singer’s solo show, the aptly named Soil, seems to be a departure from the general tenor of a gallery’s earlier exhibitions, as well as from her own well-developed style. Singer’s works, which have in the past been densely populated by her own personal lexicon of mythical archetypes, are now almost entirely uninhabited. Instead, theyContinue reading “SOIL Review by Naomi Boult”